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Could be life-changing for my personal relationships.
Kevin Horner, Mastech
Most engaging, unique training session I’ve attended in years!
Meghan McConnell, GSA
I thought Harvey did an excellent job explaining a topic I have never heard before.
Sam Mitchell, Sentinel Benefits Group
Very practical and useful. I will share with my wife and employees. I feel your lecture came from your heart.
Toshi Akiyama, American DataBank
I now have a new awareness.
Steve Grossberg, March & McClennan
Excellent, relevant, possible breakthrough material.
Jon Henderson, Mass Mutual
I think Harvey is a fantastic moderator and facilitator…truly gifted and clearly doing what he is intended to do in life. We were fortunate to have him today.
Monique de Maio, On Demand CMO Inc.
Every human needs to learn about this.
Tim Touchette, Attache Corporate Housing
Great energy! Also great insight, had an ah ha moment. Thank you.
Monica Lecchi, Ergonomic Products
Excellent presentation to coax attendees into introspection and self awareness.
Victoria Burge, American Data Bank
Terrific and fun – thought provoking.
James S, ARCV Property Trust
Excellent. In 10 years of Vistage membership, nothing has given more immediate value to me and I think the group.
Andrew McNeitt, PCI Medical
Fantastic seminar. I learned a tremendous amount about dealing with ruminating over a situation. I love the energy and humor as well.
Arthur Roti, Horst EWngineering
Tremendous workshop! The trigger recovery process will be invaluable to me. I recognize that I am the decisive element, but didn’t know how to handle my triggers. Now I do.
Eileen Melvin, UMF Medical
Amazing presentation! I look forward to finding what triggers others & I look forward to using the recovery steps as a tool rather than an excuse!
Nhi Valcourt, FM Generators
Thank you! Excellent knowledge and actionable processes!
Andrew Hogan, Visoneers
Harvey was very engaging and his strategy and tactics were spot on.
Mike Fleischman, CPX Interactive
Brilliant, very helpful!
Beth Cushing, CRICO
Fantastic – a lot to swallow but worth it!
Randy Brunk, Cincinnati Hill Christian Acadamy