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Mastering The Art of One to One Coaching

Mastering Triggers

Churchill said “ He hates to be taught, but he loves to learn.” The greatest way to grow your company, is to grow your people.

Most executives have very little training in the art of one to one coaching. Usually, they have successfully built their businesses by relying on other skill sets. Once successful, they are often faced with many of the people challenges for which they are unprepared. They usually will do their best to mimic their own personal coaches. This often falls short of dealing with the individual challenges with which they are faced and may often prevent them from developing and maximizing their own unique and effective coaching style.

That said, there exists a specific and powerful skill set that can be demonstrated, learned, practiced and incorporated to help the people and the organization grow in a healthy way and achieve maximum effectiveness.

These skills may be learned through daily practice.

Value to Participants

This interactive and informative hands-on presentation offers participants a working knowledge of several different tools.

They will learn:

  • The difference between clarifying questions and guided questions
  • How to build an inventory of stories to more effectively deliver their message.
  • That discovering solutions is more impactful and more effective than being given the solutions