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Mastering Triggers

Understanding what makes you tick… and what ticks you off.

Mastering Triggers

People are creatures of habit.  This program’s main objective is to help people build new habits so that they will be able to both reach and sustain high levels of performance and develop more effective coping skills in the face of rapid change.  We live in a rapidly changing world.  If we approach new innovations with old ways of thinking, then we end up superimposing our old outdated models on new experiences resulting in an inability to grow with the changes.  It is pivotal to be mentally agile, strong, and prepared.

In our study of extraordinary performers we have identified four characteristics they have in common contributing to their mental fitness: disciplined focus, accelerated learning, triggered state recovery and the “E” Factor. These characteristics can be translated into a specific skill set that can be demonstrated, learned, practiced and incorporated.  These skills may be learned through daily practice.  Trained by Nikki Nemerouf of Starquest, Harvey delivers this presentation to provide participants information and tools that will enhance awareness to become a better and more emotionally intelligent leader.

Value to Participants

This inspiring and informative hands-on presentation offers participants a working knowledge of several different mental fitness skills.

They will learn:

  • the art of disciplined focus and positive mental rehearsal
  • a new approach to giving and receiving effective feedback that inspires accelerated growth
  • how to quickly regain perspective, balance and emotional well-being in the face of being negatively triggered