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About Harvey

Harvey Goldberg

Harvey Goldberg

Harvey Goldberg is a thought provoker. He doesn’t believe everything he thinks. He is more interested in thinking about and questioning what he believes. From Harvey’s perspective, this is the key to growth, continuous improvement and achieving peak performance results.

Harvey has more than thirty years experience in company ownership and management, and more than 5000 hours of direct coaching of CEO’s and business owners. To date, he has presented to over 6000 CEO’s, business owners and key executives and their companies around the country, in Canada, the UK and Ireland.

In one of the most competitive industries, retail pharmacy, Harvey not only survived, but also thrived, starting, acquiring, running and selling companies. Proven expertise in operations. managing change and creating, leading, nurturing, and maintaining a work force with very little turnover have prepared Harvey to bring wisdom and insight to many business issues.

As a business owner in the retail pharmacy industry, Harvey achieved an average annual growth of 20.6% over a sixteen-year period. Indicative of his success and quality service was winning the highly competitive bid to own and operate The Outpatient Pharmacy at Johns Hopkins Hospital, which he ran for 6 years.

Harvey received a BS in Pharmacy from the University of Maryland. He has been a VISTAGE Chair for 22 years. VISTAGE is the pre-eminent organization for the personal and professional development of business owners, company presidents and CEO’s. VISTAGE delivers to its members a unique blend of business resources and personal support to outperform competitors and accelerate the growth of a business. A Chair is a skilled and experienced business professional, that ensures that the group functions smoothly, facilitates each VISTAGE GROUP. The Chair also meets individually with members to help them explore problems, issues and opportunities in greater depth.

Currently, Harvey is an advisor to an extremely diverse set of companies and non-profits including the Washington Humane Society. Teaching principles he has learned and successfully executed in fueling the growth of his own companies is one of Harvey’s greatest gifts. Helping people grow and maximize their personal potential is his life’s work and passion.

He lives in Georgetown with his 2 shelter dogs.