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Coach to CEOs Harvey Goldberg Gets Featured in Forbes Article on Company Culture

Goldberg Explains How Behavior that Companies Tolerate Determines Their Culture

GEORGETOWN, WASHINGTON, DC – Harvey Goldberg, a well-known coach to CEOs, business owners, and leaders and a Vistage Chair and Speaker, has been featured in the Forbes contributed article “What You’re Willing To Tolerate Sets The Tone For Your Company Culture” about what determines company culture, published on June 24, 2018.

Lifting from Goldberg’s presentation on leadership, Forbes contributor Tricia Emerson, Emerson Human Capital Consulting’s President and Founder, explained how there is a gap between leaders’ expectations from their people and the employee behavior that they are tolerating.

“What do you expect from your people? Now, what do you tolerate from them?” Goldberg was quoted as asking.

Goldberg illustrated in a diagram that what a company tolerates—such as tardiness, excuses, gossiping, letting things slide—becomes that company’s culture. He stressed that it is the leaders’ job to align their expectations with what they are willing to tolerate.


About Harvey Goldberg: With over 30 years of experience in company ownership and management, Harvey Goldberg has held workshops on leadership, and performance to more than 5,000 CEOs, business owners, and executives from the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and Ireland. For 18 years, Goldberg has been a Chair for Vistage, a peer-to-peer membership organization that provides coaching and business mentoring to CEOs, business owners, and leaders of small- to mid-size businesses.