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Leadership at Twelve O’Clock High

The classic movie “ 12 O’Clock High,” is probably the most influential movie used in management training. This surprising fact is a consequence of the movie’s remarkable portrayal of leadership styles. Leadership can be a difficult topic to fully grasp in a meeting room environment. This highly interactive, “showing rather than telling” presentation, explores leadership in a unique way. The movie is used as a case study. The group will closely observe segments of the movie and analyze the behavior of two key characters.

The presentation focuses on differing leadership behavioral emphases. The group will critically evaluate two commanders with very different styles, then discuss the effectiveness of the leadership behaviors demonstrated, and experience how an effective leader adapts leadership emphasis to meet specific situations.

Trained by David Hutton (Rightbrain World), Harvey Goldberg delivers this experiential presentation to illustrate behaviors to inform and educate the “Right Brain” emotional, creative side of participants through movie segments.

Value to Participants

This program will enable leaders to:

  • Evaluate their own natural leadership behavior
  • Improve their understanding of adaptive leadership behaviors
  • Develop specific action plans to expand their range of leadership behaviors